Jeffrey Hills

Jeffrey M. Hills resides in Taos, New Mexico, an environment rich in history and color, with his wife Phyllis of 38 years. Jeffrey is a self-taught artist, first beginning to explore his craft in early childhood. For nearly 10 years, he was a student of Robert Meadow of the Lutherie, a master instrument maker and renowned expert of Japanese wood working. From Meadow; Jeffrey learned a variety of sharpening techniques, joinery, and the use of Japanese woodworking tools. 

His designs are inspired from the classic southwestern landscapes of buttes and mesas. To soften the pieces he often introduces the elegance and simplicity of eastern design elements. This eclectic mix gives his work a stylized originality that is both organically and structurally exciting. The arch form presents a dynamic tension structurally while esthetically fusing with nature.

His inspirations lie within an inner pull to the colors and patterns of different woods. There is a spiritual life force present in Jeffrey’s work, a dynamic balance between form, function and beauty. He gains great satisfaction from the process of using the subtlety of color, shapes and textures in the wood to create his works. The special mark of a craftsman is reflected in the detail he brings to each piece. His greatest pleasure comes from designing and building legacy furniture, where aesthetics, wood engineering and master craftsmanship come together to build a piece of furniture that can be handed down one generation to another. 

Jeffrey’s work has been published in Woodworking Magazine and in Fine Woodworking Magazine he has won the prestigious Design Book Award. Jeffrey has the prestigious designation as a Taos "Living Master."