Estambre Rugs

Weavers Linda Running Bentley and Kipp Bentley produce one-of-a-kind wool rugs from their studio in the high desert outside of Santa Fe. Using the traditional rag-rug technique common to their Midwestern roots, they weave on stand-up Rio Grande floor looms native to the Southwest, carrying on familiar craft traditions, but with a style distinctly their own.

With professional backgrounds in both art and music, Linda and Kipp bring these sensibilities to their weaving – both in how they design their rugs and in how they name them...titling rugs based on the number of blended materials: "Duet, Trio, Chorus."

Though some buyers use them for wall hangings, these soft and durable rugs are perfect for adding a warm covering to hard surface floors, and are woven in sizes suitable for home living areas, bedsides, bathrooms, kitchens and hallways.