Ray Shaw

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The need to create and nourish an idea always seemed to dominate Shaw’s personality. While his love of music led to a career as a high school music teacher in Texas, there was always this need to work in other mediums. “I love developing ideas that I had never seen before. I also love working with wood and other materials. There is great pleasure in being able to hold, in my hands, an object that I had created from raw materials.” 

Having an insane passion of nature led to Shaw creating natural settings of life forms in art.  Capturing schooling fish in the sea became an artistic endeavor evolving into the; "Safety in Numbers" series. Shaw continues to develop this concept and derives great personal pleasure from it, while constantly maintaining a creative interest in working with wood.


$ 9,900.00

Marble Fish

$ 7,000.00

Painted Sunshine

$ 5,600.00

Blue Alligator

$ 5,600.00

Cinco de Mayo

$ 5,200.00

Over the Rainbow

$ 5,000.00


$ 5,000.00

Red Batiks

$ 5,000.00