Gary Burditt

Gary uses the natural shapes of logs and branches not only as a foundation for his sculptures, but also as a point of departure. From here, his work is an exploration of the hidden, illusionary aspect of nature. Gary's aim is; to make a person stop and question what they are viewing and to reveal that all is not what it may seem.

Born of Aspen and Pine logs and branches that he personally selects and cuts in the northern mountains of Colorado, each sculpture is created one at a time. Like a living plant Gary's art appears to be grown branch by branch, from a primitive nature into a refined geometric shape.

What is exceptionally interesting about Gary’s work is not only the way he fits the branches together in a mass to form these geometric shapes, but that there is an illusionary feature about them. His work alters your perception of what you see. You need to step back and take a second look at his work to get it, to see beyond the exterior shape and perceive the depth of their texture.